Welcome Brethren, Family, and Friends,

From The East

I have some exciting news to share with you this month.   I spoke with our District Deputy Grand Master yesterday; he informed me that a dispensation for Rockton Lodge which I had applied for, to hold a stated meeting on the first level (Ground Floor) has been granted.  

This meeting will be on  April 17 at 7:30 PM O’clock.

     So OK here is what I have planned for that meeting (besides regular business), we will be having the “Order of the Rusty Nail” that evening.  This ceremony is a means of re-acquainting Brothers who may have forgotten some of the signs, token and words.   This is also a great opportunity for some of our Brothers who can no longer climb the stairs to the lodge room, to again attend their lodge meeting.   We will, as always, have refreshments after the meeting.  

    Brethren I need to ask you to let us know if you will be coming to this meeting, I need your reservation so we are able to accommodate all who wish to attend.  I can be reached at 330-983-9277, if the answering machine comes on just leave a message with your name and phone number and I will return your call.  Also If you need a ride, same number.    I believe we are going to have a great time and we want you with us.

    The other good news.  As you may know our annual inspection was on February 24th, Rockton had a great inspection.  It went very well.  This year we were inspected in the Master Mason Degree and the Brethren were flawless, the degree team was that, a team, I am so proud of your lodge.  They have set the bar for the MM degree this year.

     OK, I am going to finish now, again I am asking you to call me and tell me you are coming to the April 17 Stated meeting (Rusty Nail Night), call as soon as you finish this article.  Here is the number again 330-983-9277.

Finally Brethren may the God of Love and Peace Dwell with and Bless you.


Walt Robinson WM